Principal Investigators:

Amit Singer (Princeton University) 

Yoel Shkolnisky (Tel Aviv University)


Software Architect:

Joakim Andén (now at KTH) 


Current and Former Research Software Engineers:

Joshua Carmichael

Christopher Langfield

Garrett Wright

Junchao Xia (now at OpenEye) 


Current and Former Graduate Students and Postdocs at Princeton:

Afonso Bandeira (now at ETH)

Tamir Bendory (now at Tel Aviv University)

Tejal Bhamre (now at Apple)

Nicolas Boumal (now at EPFL) 

Yutong Chen (now at Tudor Investment) 

Xiuyuan Cheng (now at Duke)

Marc Gilles 

Amit Halevi

Ayelet Heimowitz (now at Ariel University)

Yuehaw Khoo  (now at U Chicago)

Joe Kileel  (now at UT Austin)

Ti-Yen Lan  (now at Apple)

Roy Lederman (now at Yale) 

William Leeb (now at Minnesota) 

Nicholas Marshall (now at Oregon State University) 

Oscar Mickelin

Amit Moscovich  (now at Tel Aviv University)

Joao Pereira (now at IMPA)

Nir Sharon (now at Tel Aviv University) 

Yunpeng Shi

Eric Verbeke

Lanhui Wang (now at Gilead)

Teng Zhang (now at University of Central Florida) 

Zhizhen (Jane) Zhao (now at UIUC)


Current and Former Undergraduate Students:

Gene Katsevich (now at UPenn)

Eitan Levin  (now at Caltech)

Colin Ponce (now at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)



Philip Baldwin (Salk)  



Fred Sigworth (Yale University) 

Ronald Coifman (Yale University)

Shamgar Gurevich (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Ronny Hadani (UT Austin)

Emmanuel Abbe (Princeton University)